FMJ Mach 1 - Combat Grade Light Saber

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  • Fully loaded on special effects and features
  • Change blade color instantly at the touch of a button
  • Long Lasting Charge – Use it for DAYS!
  • Meant for heavy use, 1 – Year Replacement Guarantee!
  • Super Durable Blade & Handle made of polycarbonate and aluminum alloy


A full metal finish gives you the upper hand before the first clash.

ALL LIGHT SABERS are fully COMBAT GRADE & INCLUDE ability to cycle through range of blade colors.  No need to buy multiple blades, simply follow instructions to switch between full range of color options. 


Every light saber comes with wide range of effects to enhance dueling experience.  Create cinematic shots with on command pulsing, sword lock, blaster deflect effects and more.  In the heat of battle enjoy full flash on clash effects!


All light sabers are audio enabled with cinematic catch phrases and battle like sound effects.